THE ANTI-UNIMARK: Design in the 1970s

Unimark created a universal style that other companies could easily duplicate, which led to it getting old and repetitive. After Unimark dissolved, American logos were created that were so timeless, they could be played around with.

Bernbach's Volkswagen ad

Logos for CBS, Volkswagen, and The Girl Scouts of America were created during this time, among many others. William Golden and Lou Dorfsman were responsible for the CBS eye, and they designed the whole CBS building so that it was consistent with the CBS identity.

William Bernbach was responsible for the first Volkswagon campaign. He was the quintessential copywriter. He said it’s not about design itself, but the integration of design and copy that makes an ad effective. He said that copy needs to be something you want to read, but you should never lie. This approach is much different from the American approach to advertising in the Victorian Era.

Lois' Esquire covers

George Lois was another significant designer who challenged convention, and used street talk and real people in everyday situations to appeal to readers. He did cover designs for Esquire magazine along with many advertisements.


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