EDITORIAL DESIGN: The beginnings of striking magazine spreads and covers

Bradbury Thompson, Alexey Brodovitch, Cipe Pineles, and Otto Storch were the innovators of editorial design.Thompson liked to used unmixed CMYK colors. He began his work at a printing company called Westvaco, where he started designing the spreads and covers of the company’s magazine.

Brodovitch was responsible for designing striking covers for Harper’s Bazaar and Portfolio magazines that were glamorous, dramatic, and controlled. He used photography with typography in a fresh way.

Cipe Pineles, though she struggled to find work as a female artist, finally landed a job at Vogue magazine designing covers and spreads. She also designed covers for Glamour and Seventeen magazines. Others thought designing girls’ magazines was petty work, but Pineles said that it’s important for young women to know what good design is as well. She was the first women inducted into the New York Art Directors’ Club.

Otto Storch designed McCall’s covers and spreads in playful and clever ways.


Thompson's Westvaco magazine spread

Brodovitch's Harper's Bazaar cover

Pineles' Vogue cover

Storch's McCall's spread


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